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There are two main ways to book an appointment.

If possible, please book in advance to see the doctor of your choice. We have appointments available at least two weeks in advance. Please let the receptionist know at the time of booking if you feel your problem might need more than 10 minutes.

If it is not possible to book in advance or you need to see the doctor the same day then please telephone the surgery as soon as possible after 8.00am. We try to ensure that at least 12 appointments are available for people calling the same day. These are equally divided between morning and afternoon surgeries. Once all these appointments have been filled and a problem arises during the day that you consider to be of an urgent nature, you will be slotted in at a time allocated by the emergency doctor of the day.

In order to make the most effective and therefore safest use of the consultation time, we ask that, wherever possible, you restrict each consultation to a single problem. It will be at the doctor's discretion whether or not to deal with any additional problems at the time or to ask you to return for another consultation.

If you are registered with the practice you may also register for some on-line services which includes on-line booking of doctors' appointments.


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Please note, you can only book a standard 10 min appointment with MHOL. If you think you may need a longer appointment please contact the reception team


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know immediately (by telephone, not via emis) so that it can be released for another patient. Whilst we recognise that there are sometimes unavoidable circumstances we take repeated non-attendance very seriously as it is unfair on other patients.

Local Services, Let Geoff Hall Funeral Services
Local Services, Let Geoff Hall Funeral Services