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The doctors are qualified to perform minor surgery (ie incision of cysts, cautery of warts, verrucas, injections of joints, etc). Please make an appointment with the doctor.


Most of the antenatal care is now conducted by the midwives based at Knighton Community Hospital Maternity Unit. Many of our mothers choose to deliver in this unit which has a birthing pool.

If you think that you are pregnant then make an appointment at the surgery to see one of the doctors who will arrange for you to be seen by the midwives. The pregnancy testing kits available at most chemists are just as accurate as hospital laboratory tests, so if you have already done a home pregnancy test which proved positive there is no need for further confirmation. The hospitals no longer provide a pregnancy testing service.


Contraceptive advice is given to people of all ages by the doctors and nurses; again, in the strictest of confidence.


Children under five will be sent appointments to attend for regular checks at the surgery or at Knighton Hospital.


Children requiring immunisations are sent a reminder letter. Please make an appointment to see the nurse.

People travelling abroad may have their vaccinations done by the nurse or at any surgery. Allow eight weeks before departure. Although there is no charge for travel advice there are charges for certain travel vaccinations. Please ask the practice nurse during the initial consultation for further information.

Flu vaccinations are available from October for the elderly or those at special risk. Due to the sheer volume of people attending for the flu vaccine we ask all patients to try to attend one of the dedicated flu clinics we hold during this time.

Pneumococcal vaccination is available for those patients at special risk.


This practice is a designated yellow fever centre where, for the current fee, you can obtain your vaccination and International Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, which is required to enable you to visit certain countries.

Please consult the practice nurse at least eight weeks in advance of travel.


We encourage all diabetic patients to be reviewed regularly in our nurse-led clinics.


Patients with asthma are encouraged to have their asthma care monitored by the practice nurse. Please make an appointment for this.



The doctors are pleased to discuss your family planning at normal routine surgeries by appointment. Follow-up appointments may be conducted by either the nurse or the doctor and do not require special arrangements. Fitting of IUCDs (coils), Depo-Provera injections and contraceptive implants are usually done during general surgeries, but a double appointment needs to be booked specifically to allow time for preparation.


These we advise every three years. Ladies will be sent a letter reminding them to attend and some weeks later the result is sent. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse.


There is a three yearly programme for breast x-rays which is co-ordinated via the Department of Health. It is offered to ladies between 50-65. Patients over 65 can be included if they wish. Please see the nurse for details.


During normal surgery opening times we are now in a position to offer a minor injury service.

This service is designed to deal with relatively straightforward injuries such as sprains, small cuts and bruises, foreign bodies in the eye etc. You will be seen by the practice nurse or by one of the doctors. In some circumstances it might be necessary to refer you on to a bigger unit where there are more facilities. This is usually at Llandrindod Wells or Hereford County Hospital.

The minor injury service is not restricted to patients of the surgery.

If you think someone has sustained a major injury or is unconscious please dial 999.

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